PaCa & RoRo

In this post I’d like to tell you about a new brand that was created by two good friends of mine, Pablo and Rodrigo. This couple of engineers became interested in fashion and designing and decided to start their own brand: PaCa & Roro. 


Blog Ro.jpg
Rodrigo and Pablo. Picture taken by Daniel Chapela. For more pictures of this photographer visit his instagram: @therightsquare


It all began when Pablo wanted to buy a special bow tie and had to order one on the internet. When they saw it, they decided that they could make them as well. That’s the way their project was born and the reason they decided to start designing wooden bow ties.


Here you have a few examples of their designs:


PaCa & Roro’s designs.


Right now they are just creating them for themselves and using them on special occasions, such as graduation parties or weddings. They have also created some for some friends and family, who wore them also for weddings or other special occasions, like prom. They have a few models already and, depending on the needs of each customer, they make a unique design for each of them.


Special thanks to Rodrigo and Pablo for their time and for the pictures.



PaCa & RoRo

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