Market Lovers: Oxford

Hey there Market Lovers! In this post I’m going to talk about markets in Oxford. For those of you who hadn’t visited it, Oxford is a small city that makes you feel as if you were in a fairy tale. Maybe this is the reason so many Harry Potter scenes were film here.


But in this lovely University City we can also find markets. And in this post we will, of course, talk about them.

Blog 12.jpg
Oxford High Street

The most well known market in Oxford is Covered Market, located in the city center. It is, like the city, a charming place and you can find there all sorts of stores; many people visit it because of its fresh food stalls that offer fresh fish, fresh meat or fresh fruits and vegetables.  If you’re visiting England you must try one of the typical English pies at David John Pies.

I must admit that my favorite shops here are not the fashion ones, but the food ones. Especially Ben’s Cookies, where you can find everyday freshly baked cookies of all kinds. I also love The Cake Shop, a place where you can see the most amazing cakes.

Blog 11.jpg
Ben’s Cookies and The Cake Shop


Nevertheless you can also find a variety of fashion shops: The usual clothing store, some leader bags shops or The Hat Box, where you can find every hat you can imagine.



Here I leave you the website of Covered Market, so you can look for more information:


Not everything is about markets though. Now I’d like to talk to you about a lovely antiques shop called Arcadia. This is a nice little shop where you can find different kind of antiquities.


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Market Lovers: Oxford

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