Market Lovers: London (Part 2)

We have already talked about London Markets in a previous post, but I feel there’s still a lot to be said. It’s hard to find a neighborhood in London that doesn’t have its own market, big or small, and every one of them has its own charm.


Blog 6
Wine Wharf in Borough Market


In the previous post I talked about the most known markets in London: Candem Market and Portobello Road Market. Now we’re gonna explore other markets that offer different kinds of things. Borough Market, that presents a variety of fresh and already cooked food, Leadenhall Market, where some scenes of Harry Potter were filmed, and Covent Garden, with its luxurious shops and restaurants,

The first one I wanna talk about is of course Borough Market, a market which is next to London Bridge and that attracts you with its colors and smells. In this market there are plenty of stalls of fresh food as well as restaurants and food stalls.


Potato shop in Borough Market


Here is the link of Borough Market website, so you can check the products they sell, as well as directions to get there:


The next market I’d like to show you is Leadenhall Market, where you can find different kinds of restaurants. It’s situated in the City and it’s usually the place where businessmen and businesswomen have lunch.


Leadenhall Market


Sounds familiar? Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so, you may recognize these pictures, since the scenes of Diagon Alley in the first and second film where filmed here.


Here you have the link of a website where you can find all the information about Leadenhall Market:


Let’s keep going with Covent Garden, a lovely market that has some of the most luxurious and expensive fashion shops, as well as some of the best restaurants and food shops, like the famous bakery Ladurée, which offers macarons, a delicious French dessert or Godiva, a really good (and expensive) chocolates shop.


Blog 7.jpg
Covent Garden


I think that Covent Garden is a very beautiful market, especially in Christmas, when you can see a wonderful Christmas tree in the middle of the market.


Blog 8.jpg
Christmas Tree in Covent Garden


Here is the website of Covent Garden:

Market Lovers: London (Part 2)

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    1. Fa says:

      Hi Candela! Thank you for your comment. I have updated the post to include the websites of the markets, so now you have some more information about them.


  1. cottonbattle says:

    This post is useful becouse if you will travel to London this is a place which is interesting to visit and here you can learn something about it.


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