Flea Market sellers

Do you ever feel like you have too many clothes? I usually reorganize my closet before summer and remove everything I will no longer use. Afterwards I find myself wondering what I’m going to do with all those clothes that I don’t want anymore. Well, we have different options: throw it away (I do not consider this unless the pieces are too deteriorated), donate it to a charity organization or sell it on the internet or at a flea market. So let’s consider the latest: Selling at a flea market.


The first time I considered selling my things at a flea market was after coming back from university and finding out I had way too many clothes to fit in my closet; worst of all was that many of them had been there for ages and weren’t fitting anymore. After realizing that I even had clothes I had never used I decided it had to stop, after all.. Why does anyone need so many things? I always end up using the same pieces anyway, those which I feel completely comfortable with.

So there we went: My friend and I organized all our old clothes and decided the prices based on the kind of clothing they were and on how old they were; of course, they all had to be in good condition to use. It was a lot of work but it was worth it: our stall was a complete success! It was a wonderful experience for me to spend the whole day with my friends, drinking beer and meeting new people.

We were so happy about it that we did it again a few times. For me it was a wonderful experience to get to talk with the persons that were buying our clothes and discovering what they were going to use them for: graduation parties, a special date, a gift to a friend, etc…


Flea Market sellers

3 thoughts on “Flea Market sellers

  1. What a great idea Fátima. I also have been thinking about getting rid of some clothes that I don’t use, but I have never had the idea of thinking up a frea market. It looks very interesting to earn some money and that way my clothes would have a happy end.


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